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Tysons Corner, VA Indian Wedding by Photographick Studios


Sonoma, CA Gujurati Wedding by Wedding Documentary


Making the Moment is a small tight knit team of visual storytellers. Based out of Cleveland, we craft unique photographic artwork and cinematic pieces for couples, commercial partners, families and individuals. We are about the memories & the legacy we preserve. Through our exclusive brand of wedding photography, you will discover a personal & heartfelt approach to crafting images. You’re a unique couple, and the story your day will tell visually should be unique as well. In short, why settle for wedding photography that is just a carbon copy of your friends? Every story, every wedding, & every couple we work with is different, and so is every image that we create.

Making the Moment Photography


Indianapolis, IN Indian Fusion Wedding by Making the Moment

We are back with part two of our feature of the day, ladies! As we saw on part one, the pre-wedding rituals and the two magnificent ceremonies were absolutely magical. Our lovebirds swore everlasting love to one another and the place was full of cheerfulness and joy. No less, when love is being celebrated, everything seems to be in beautiful harmon...



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